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Present on the IT since 1992, with significant experiences in public administration and in many different firm sectors: management of orders, warehouse, insurance and quality control. It has also contributed to the realization of some projects in the estate branch, Business Itelligence and retail.

During all these years it has mainly used Microsoft technologies, leader in the world on software realizations and operative system for pc. It has also obtained some certifications recognized at international level, which certify the good knowledge.


The objective is to create with the client a project and not a software to simply use. So the attention is adressed to little and mid firm, where the ideas are tha main engine that the current software doesn’t satisfy.
So like a good tailor needs the customer since the beginning to choose correctly the fabric and the colour, seemingly tha architecture anf the technologies to use are decided with the countepart to immediately create a strong sinergy.
So a perfect synchronization, the collaboration with qualified partners and a careful over-vision of the project, will guarantee the correct conclusion of the various stages of the work and so the control of the costs. For this reason we firmly believe in the strict collaboration between the subjects, because only in this way it’s possibile to reach the final aim which is to increase the productivity and the efficiency, or if you prefer: a perfect dress to measure.
Moreover there’s the possibility to do personalized courses on site, about different Microsoft instruments like: Word©, Excel©, Access©, .NET TM, SQL Server©.

Microsoft, Word, Excel, Access, .NET and SQL Server are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


Applications development and consulting within the system of the National Environmental Managers.
Creation of a web application for managing accounts in a “simplified” to: small business owners, agents, artisans and professionals. Developed with the help of Silverlight 4.0 and WCF RIA Services.
For the Ministry of Environment: Development of a GIS application, in a .NET environment (SQL Server 2005), in relation to regulations ISPIRE and ISO 19115. Implementation of a system Protocol Information and Archives Management, using SQL Server 2005,. NET 2.0 (C #), NUnit, NHibernate.
Design (UML) and development of an application (N-layers) that handles requests funding at the public administration, achieved with Oracle 9.0,. NET 2.0 (C #), NHibernate, Spring.NET, Log4Net. Datawarehouse activities for an important insurance company, for consolidating (using DTS) multiple SQL Server 2000 databases in a single database and modifying the relative web application in ASP environment.
Implement of a prototipe for the management of delivery of important express courrier, based on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. Realization of a client Point of Service for the management of the sales point, developed in Smart Client architecture. Development of a reporting project, with the recovery of data from more sources for the creation of a firm Datawarehouse.
New implements and vertical procedures of a specific software packet for insurance and quality control, from acceptance of raw materials to the final document.
Realization of a new information firm system, with a specific attention to the order management, warehouse, sales statistics and quality control. Carriage-elevator management (data, maintenance, reports).
Tools used for the development: Visual Basic© 6.0, Visual Studio© 2003-2005-2008-2010-2012-2013 (VB.NET e C#: WCF, WF, WPF, LINQ e Silverlight), ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft .NET TM Compact Framework 2.0, Microsoft Dynamics© CRM 3.0, SQL Server© 2000-2005-2008, Word©, Excel©, Access©, PowerPoint©, Visio© e XML. Moreover other open source Frameworks were employed, such as Spring.NET, NHibernate, NUnit and Log4NET.

Microsoft, Word, Excel, Access, .NET and SQL Server are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence (hereafter BI) is the process of extraction, reporting, analysis and Quering data from an operational system and feedback to the same operational system.
A typical scenario when considering a BI solution when it is complicated to have a single access, quick, cheap and reliable information and analysis you need to achieve business goals.
Many times a day now, companies are unable to compete because they have a clear vision of how the market is going and in their case. This is because many times develop their business in a way, it is growing, but not controlled and not based on objective data maybe going to concentrate their efforts in saturated markets or otherwise restricted by a lack of information on the ground.
All this could be avoided with organizational policies and analyzing scientific data at their disposal and that’s because companies have in house a treasure trove of ‘data’ which tend to ignore, not really knowing what it’s worth. In practice , the ability to extrapolate from the cold numbers, the information needed to develop new market strategies, increasing their business in a controlled and detailed, because you can only manage what you can measure and there is no real management without adequate use of appropriate performance indicators, integrated into the organizational and corporate information.
To date, national and international scene, you can find several tools to build a BI solution. That we propose is based entirely on Microsoft technology.
Because Microsoft (from offical site http://www.microsoft.com/italy/server/businessintelligence/default.aspx): ‘The structure of Microsoft BI is based on three levels: data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and performance management. These are designed to provide tools and data sources for complete and well-established direct business decisions. Microsoft’s promise is to help decision makers in your organization to trust that their decisions support the initiatives and objectives of your company.’

Microsoft is a registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


: Certified Integrator in Agile Service Projects

Foundation Certificate in Project Management

: Agile Scrum Foundation

Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

: .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Presentation Foundation Applications
70-502: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation Application Development

: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications
70-536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0—Application Development Foundation
70-528: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Web-Based Client Development

(.NET Track)
70-320: Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework

VUE n. CRM 30-422: Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 Customization

(VB6 Track)
70-152: Designing and Implementing Web Solutions with Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0
70-175: Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
70-176: Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Certificate in English Studies – LSI Standard 20 Intermediate level, presso la Language Studies International di Londra. - Oxbridge Certificate III, presso la Oxford School of English di Castelfranco Veneto (TV).


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